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Mother Earth Day 2022: HDPE Sheds are environment-friendly.

International Mother Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 with the goal ‘to protect our planet’. It was Nelson, an environmentalist looking for a grassroots approach to protect the environment., who first announced the concept of an Earth Day in the fall of 1969.

This year, the theme of Earth Day is ‘Invest in our planet’. The message is simple: in addition to individual actions we can all take to make the earth cleaner, we should also be spending our money on products and brands that take conservation seriously.

With this year’s Earth Day theme in mind, we at felt the need to highlight why High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheds are more suitable for our environment.

What is HDPE?

HDPE is a type of thermoplastic ideally suited for manufacturing outdoor furniture, garden sheds, pool toys, etc. It is ideal due to its melting and molding properties.

HDPE is better

Why are HDPE Sheds better for the environment than Steel sheds?

Manufacturing HDPE plastics requires only a fraction of the energy required to produce steel from iron ore. This is the main reason it is considered Eco-friendly.

Why are HDPE Sheds better for the user?

HDPE sheds provide higher strength and can withstand extreme temperatures. So at we promote HDPE sheds among environmentally conscious buyers rather than Steel, PP, plastic or Vinyl.

Our HDPE sheds provide the most suitable outdoor storage solution keeping in mind UAE’s harsh temperature, humidity and dust. Here are some great features common across all the sizes.

  • Most of the Larger sheds come with HDPE slip-resistant floor as standard.

  • Our HDPE garden sheds have steel trusses which give the roof additional strength.

  • The texture and material eliminate the need for painting or maintenance.

  • Our HDPE garden sheds will not rust, rot, or be infested by termites!

  • Easy to clean.

  • UV Coated construction will prevent cracking in UAE’s extreme heat.

  • Our HDPE garden sheds are reinforced with steel construction for more durability and stability.

  • Some sheds have adjustable shelves, allowing you to customize your space.

  • Whether you live in an apartment or villa, we probably have the right size for your garden, balcony, store, or garage.

  • Doors come with a slider-latch locking system and padlock locking loops for safety from theft.

  • Skylight runs the entire ceiling length to maximize natural lighting.

  • Shatterproof windows.

At we provide free assembly and free delivery at your doorstep in UAE. Since we are right here in Dubai, we can even help you in selecting your garden shed.

Don’t worry. Our advice is free! There is no obligation to buy!

If you need more information, or just want to ask a question related to outdoor storage planning please contact us!

We are just a message away and would be pleased to share what we have learnt from thousands of our satisfied customers in UAE.


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