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Tips on Storing Garden Tools

Its sizzling hot this summer in UAE. (Surprise Surprise!). You can’t wait to spend the evening in your garden where it is a few degrees cooler! It is the only time of day you can enjoy nature.

But you are put off by the sight of the garden tools lying in the corner of your garage, collecting dust and rust. You also wonder: where should you place that unused plant pot, and the half-empty bag of soil and the watering can...the list goes on.

And your worst nightmare: Guests are coming over this weekend and they may see the mess!

Don’t Worry!

We are going to share some valuable tips here to help you organize your gardening items. Before you read on, I should warn you that you might find the titles a little poetic. I get that way around nature!

Tip #1

Think Ahead: Get a Shed!

First of all, let me begin by stating that you need to invest in a garden shed. There is no way around it.

I mean, you organize paper in files, right? And dishes in a dish-rack and clothes in cupboards? Well, garden sheds have been specially designed and manufactured for outdoor storage and that’s what you need!

Tip #2

Got To Be- HDPE!

I won’t bore you with the technical definition of HDPE. Just know that if you are looking for durable storage that offers total protection for your garden tools, you should invest in an HDPE shed rather than a vinyl one. A good HDPE shed will have double-lined wall panels with steel reinforcements. By the way, HDPE garden sheds are actually quite attractive and will compliment your outdoor area.

In case you are wondering: Why not metal or wooden sheds? Well, wood will rot and metal will rust.

Tip #3

Assess what you need. Then proceed!

Outdoor storage sheds are available in UAE in a variety of sizes. So take time to decide exactly what you want to store. Is it just your garden tools? Or do you have outdoor furniture as well which you will need to put away every summer? How about kids’ bicycles? What about the lawnmower?

Garden sheds are a necessity, but they tend to be expensive. The last thing you need is a shed which is too small for you.

Tip #4

Big AND Small? Your Call!

Suppose you have decided that you need a 7 Feet x 9 feet but you just don’t have the space. What should you do?

Consider buying a 7 Feet by 7 Feet for your lawn mover and bicycles, but also perhaps a smaller vertical shed (vertical sheds are the ones that look like large cupboards) for your plant pots and garden tools. The vertical sheds are easier to place in a corner of your garage and blend in just about anywhere. A combination of a larger shed and a smaller vertical shed works best if space is limited.

Tip #5

Shelf Help!

A vertical shed with built-in shelves will allow you to place your sharp garden tools (pruners, shears, rakes, etc) on the top shelf and out of reach of children.

A shed with built-in shelves is also better since it allows you to maximize the usage of your storage space. If there are no built-in shelves, you will need to buy a separate rack and place it inside the shed. This probably won’t allow you to maximize your space and will be flimsy. Also, you may even need to buy lots of smaller storage boxes to place inside the shed if you want to organize your items. All this will add to your cost.

Tip #6

Garden Fun!

Finally, when you have received your garden shed, get the little ones involved in organizing! Kids will love to help and you will be the proud parent that figured out yet another way to keep them away from their device!

Hope this helps! If you need further advice in deciding which shed to go for, please get in touch.

We would love to hear from you, even if you just want to share your comments.

Thank you for reading and good luck organizing your outdoor space!


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